My inspiration

My inspiration

These two kids are:
My reason for breathing.
My reason for existing.
My reason for getting up and facing the day.
My reason for being here on this earth.
My reason for trying harder.
My pure and utter joy.
My heart and soul.

There may be tons of post about the adventures of the Guillot kids. Often I refer to our home as, “The Guillot Zoo.” It’s full of laughter and fun. It’s full of good times and bad. But most of all its full of LOVE. ❤‿❤

“Good Moms have…

“Good Moms have sticky floors, dirty kitchens, and happy kids.”

I used to obsess about a clean house.  But then I realized, we have a home, not a museum.  why should I worry so much if there are dishes in the sink?  Clothes ununfolded, toys littering the floor.  Seeing my kids happy, healthy and smiling is the only thing that matters.   Life is too short to worry about the little things!  Be messy!  Be happy!  Play! 

Living Country, Lovn Life: Introduction to me!

Howdy ya’ll!  Just a quick intro to moi’!  I’m a 30 year old mother of 2 from Cajun Country!  Born and raised in Louisiana all my life.  I come from a place that is rich in culture and food!  This is home and I do my best to make it great for me and my family!  In this blog you will find a plethora of things, from cajun country cooking, fun for the kids, and just my daily rants and raves!  Hope you stay around and subscribe to my blog and become a friend for life!  

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